About MyBadBack.co.uk

Two work accidents had left me disabled and not able to walk more than 20-25 yards and even then I had to use sticks. I had a massive prolapse on one of my lower back discs, commonly termed a ‘slipped disc’, it caused severe excruciating pain in my spine and chronic sciatica down my legs.

After months of seeing specialists and going to physiotherapy, I was desperate, I thought I would never work again, let alone do the sports I enjoyed, play with the kids, drive my car, I was on an all-time low, when to top it all the so called specialist I was under, told me I would never walk properly again unless I went under the scalpel.

I found this idea horrifying, as I was aware that the spinal surgery and resultant scar tissue formation could leave me worse than I already was.

The way the specialist spoke to me left me very angry, so I decided to prove him wrong, which I did in no uncertain terms and since he said that to me, I have returned to work, played with the kids, got back in the driving seat of my car, become a kick boxer, got back into dirt bike riding, become a power boat instructor, learned to wake board and recently learned to snowboard, however, I still have not managed the art of cake decorating, but give me time.

The following pages will explain what I did to overcome the back problems, and the principles I use to keep my spine supple and relatively pain free, I say relatively pain free, as no-one, never gets back pain at some time or other, these methods worked for me and carry on working for me.

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