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Hi, are you like me, someone who knows the misery of a painful spine, do you think that you are going to suffer with it forever more. I used to think that, 15 years ago, but guess what, I was wrong.

Two work accidents had left me disabled and not able to walk more than 20-25 yards and even then I had to use sticks. I had a massive prolapse on one of my lower back discs, commonly termed a ‘slipped disc’, it caused severe excruciating pain in my spine and chronic sciatica down my legs.

After months of seeing specialists and going to physiotherapy, I was desperate, I thought I would never work again, let alone do the sports I enjoyed, play with the kids, drive my car, I was on an all-time low, when to top it all the so called specialist I was under, told me I would never walk properly again unless I went under the scalpel.

How much money do you lose by being off work, if you earn $10 an hour and you work an 8 hour day, if any method you use gets you back to work even 1 day quicker, then you have gained $80 less the price of that information, so if the information costs you $9.99 then you are already in profit, and let us not forget about quality of life, how can you put a price on that, it’s your choice, this is all simple easy to understand information, written by a layman, for the layman, I spent a long time gathering this, you can get this knowledge in one hit.

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